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A service of Up And Running LLC316-461-0094Serving South Central Kansas

Ccleaner instructions

I have used Ccleaner for many years to help clean out junk files and often remedy strange behavior in my computer. 


Here are step-by-step illustrated instructions for running and/or updating Ccleaner Free edition.


The instructions provided here are for the Free version of Ccleaner. The profressional version is good, but I find the free version is adequate for most of my needs.


I am not associated in any way with the company that created Ccleaner. I do not get any commission from any purchase of this program. I just find it to be a good product for my needs and I offer these instructions as a help to anyone who may benefit from their use.


The download is free. My hosting agent requires a short form with your name and email address to be completed. You do not need to complete the mailing address in the form since this is a digital download only. Your data will NOT be shared with anyone.